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Anything and everything metaphysical and beyond. From disembodied spirits to manifesting a lover, we’ve got you covered.

Astrology, Toxic Relationships, & More!

February 22nd, 2022

Is it an astrological misalignment that is causing the issues between you and your partner? Or is it a toxic relationship? Find out about upcoming astrological events, toxic zodiac combos, and more!


Mercury Retrograde Survival Skills

February 15th, 2022

There are several Mercury Retrogrades a year, and they can wreak havoc in many areas of your life. Get the lowdown on how to not just survive - but possibly even thrive! - during Mercury Retrograde. 

Winter Magick & Rituals

December 21st, 2021

Tired of the same Solstice and Yule traditions? We‘re going to dig deeper to find some eclectic tips and tricks to make those winter celebrations a little more magickal.

Dream Analysis 101

December 9th, 2021

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the symbolism and imagery involved in dream interpretation? Have you ever experienced a prophetic dream? Do you have dreams of loved ones that have crossed over? Are you tired of dreaming about delivering a speech to a large group of people wearing only your birthday suit? We will be tackling common dream issues and sharing how to make the most of the info you get from your dreams so you can live your best life during your waking hours.

Do You Need to Fire Your Spirit Guide?

December 2nd, 2021

Is your life going according to plan? Do you keep hitting unforeseen roadblocks on your path to success? Do you keep finding yourself in toxic relationships with friends, family or partners? You may not be getting quality guidance from the other side. Find out if those working behind the scenes are working for or against you...and get the support you need.

Samhain, Day of the Dead & More!

October 24th, 2021

October is the season to live it up with the dead! The veil between worlds is at its thinnest and it‘s a great time to party with the dearly departed! We‘ll be discussing history, rituals, and more on October‘s holidays.


Black Magic Martini https://www.moodymoons.com/2019/10/24/samhain-black-magic-martini-bloody-witchs-brew/

Witch’s Heart Cocktail https://www.theflavorbender.com/the-witchs-heart-halloween-cocktail/

Morgue-a-rita https://dc.eater.com/2014/10/23/7039185/an-exhaustive-guide-to-non-cheesy-halloween-and-fall-themed-cocktails


Crystals Rock!

October 12th, 2021

We are delving into the mystical realm of crystals. Learn how they can be used for spells, healing, feng shui, and more. Bring a little magic to your life with crystals!

A Magical Evening with Mind Reader Joe Diamond

September 27th, 2021

I am interviewing renowned mind reader, World Record holder, and all-around mystical adventurer Joe Diamond. One of the midwest‘s hidden gems, Joe has accomplished some amazing feats that defy logic (and possibly gravity!). Hear about his fascinating journey into the mystical as well as how to experience his incredible feats live (both in-person and virtually) for an unforgettably mind-bending night! For more info, check out http://www.joediamondlive.com/halloween and @joediamondlive on Instagram.

Mabon Anniversary Bash!

September 23rd, 2021

One Mabon ago, Virgo Lass and I began an epic podcast journey. So much has happened in a year! We‘ll be discussing Mabon, autumnal equinox tidbits, and so much more! Slap on a party hat and join the fun!   

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Let‘s Talk Tantra

September 14th, 2021

Want better, more fulfilling sex? Do you want to feel more comfortable in your own skin and love your body? Do you want to unblock or enhance your creativity? Do you want to live a more present, self-actualized life? The practice of tantra can do all of this and more! Join us for a juicy hour of info, exercises, resources & more!



Organizations:  https://www.tantranova.com/ , https://www.opencenter.org/



If you want a visual, check out Promethea Vol 2, by Alan Moore:


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